Sports and Games: Kéla literally means sport or game in Rohingya language, and there are many indigenous Kéla which are held based on seasons, genders and ages.

Many are held in summer and winter although there are some in rainy season. One of the most cel-ebrated sports is Gáñthi Kéla (Rowing) with 10 to 20 rowers on a boat which is wider than mod-ern rowing boat. Some of the oth-er popular sports are Boli Kéla (wrestling), Qundha Kéla (Rounded Stone Lifting), Doóp Marani Kéla (Diving and Swim-ming), and Paddy Transplanting Competition.

Youngsters of both genders are also very keen in playing various games such as Bosgya Buri Kéla (Bag Jumping), Saws Sa Rani Kéla (Slippering), Kut Kut Kéla (Hopscotch), Rosi Fal Doní Kéla (Rope Jumping), Moól Kéla (a kind of Bounding crossing), Gíla Kéla (Monkey Ladder Bean Throwing), Dhudhu Kéla (Chasing Calling Dhu) and Dhang Kéla (Batting of cylindri-cal piece of wood).