By The  Rohingya Post

Sittwe University, the main university in Rakhine State was the only university for the Rohingya community to attend as travel restriction to other States was imposed. Many bright Rohingya students and community leaders have come out of the university majoring in their respective professional careers.

However, since the outbreaks of violence against Rohingya in 2012 based on racial and religious persecutions, the university has completely banned Rohingya students pursuing their studies after their matriculation examinations. Now the university hosts a wide-rage of Rakhine nationalists and extremists without the check as Sittwe becomes the deserted place after forcing the Rohingya community into the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camps.

The graduation ceremony video is a rare glimpse of once tolerant and vigrant university which produced and empowered Rakhine State.