Maungdaw: Rohingya youths – graduate and passed matriculation – are teaching supplementary education to the Rohingya youngster in their villages recently, said a Rohingya elder from Shwezar village.

“We request to the youths who are working as private teachers, shopkeepers and jobless to teach the youngster from the village.”

“We give them three centers in the Shwezar where more than 500 youngsters are getting supplementary education from these teachers – graduate and passed matriculation- to promote basic education where the youngsters are going to the primary school of village.”

“We are very happy to teach education to youngsters in village which we are thinking since long time and now we successfully engaged to teach the younger brothers/sisters,” said a volunteer teacher from Shwezar.

“We organized all our colleagues to teach supplementary education to the youngsters of village who go to village primary school where the kids are not getting education in the class by Rakhine teachers. We are now very happy to work for younger kids to give them right way how to read, speak and write their text book.”

“The Rakhine teachers come to school always late and sitting in the chair where she works her personnel jobs which bring from her home. No interesting to teach the text books of school kids,” said a politician from Maungdaw.

“The concerned authority is only giving appointment to the Rakhine community who are not interesting to teach to the Rohingya kids. They just come to schools and stay their time –come to school lately and go to home early- and sometime no attend to the school long time.”

“The students from Rohingya villages are waiting to their teachers  to learn education, but they had pass all the class without knowledge of A,B, C or Kagyi, Khakway, Ganay or 1,2, 3. The education of Rohingya children go down where they are no qualify but only quantity as World Food Program (WFP) provide the rice to the children with condition of no one will fail the classes in the record even the students had no qualifications in the year.”

Similarly, the supplementary schools also opened in Block number two like Shwezarr village and hope there will be more supplementary schools in Maungdaw like Shwezar and block number two, said a teacher from Maungdaw.

“I hope, the school will help the younger Rohingya kids to get quality education and will become more quantity in Maungdaw, even we have no teachers in the education department in the villages.” KNP News