By Aungaungsittwe

There are nearly 7000 internally displaced Rohingya live in NgaChaung concentration camp while WFP is providing basic needs to all of them except 592 Rohingya.

All Rohingya in Pauaktaw town of Arakan lost their houses and properties in the 2012 State-sponsored violence. The UN organizations provide camps and rice after the violence. Most of IDPs from Nga Chaung self-evacuated during Mahasen Storm alert in 2013 when the Myanmar authority refused to give them protection and evacuate them to a safer place. Most of them reached Santetmaw, Anauk Ywe, Muyurkul, and Sittwe, later military forced them to return their own place, Nga Chaung IDPs.

148 families including 592 Rohingya, returned to their IDP camps lately. Their shelters had already occupied by others when they reached there, they stay besides other camps and requested to WFP for rice several times. As responsible persons for WFP in the ground refused to provide rice excusing cancellation of their names from IDP register, they collect crabs nearby rivers and sell them to Rakhine for their survivals. But now, in the rainy reason, as they cannot catch crabs to sell, most of them are starving.

Health care group reaches to Nga Chaung once in two weeks, sometimes on 3 weeks, and they provide treatments for minor cases only. For emergency case, most patients die with the lack of medical assistence.

Today, a Rohingya lady, Khairul Nisa, 30 years old, suffering labor pain since 1AM, a nurse said without operation, delivery impossible, with the help of NGO, she was sent to Sittwe hospital at 8 AM.

The hospitals in Sittwe have refused to accept Rohingya patients since the beginning of the violence against Rohingya with many reports of Rohingya patients being treated and tortured inhumanely by the Rakhine healthcare workers.