By The Rohingya Post

In Minbya, south of ancient capital Mrauk U, three Rohingya villagers were found dead in an alleged killing being committed by Myanmar Armed Forces.

Four Rohingya from Pauksa Para (village name in Rohingya) went out to a nearby forest to collect firewood in the early morning of Tuesday.

Three of them were killed at around 2:00 pm local time in the forest while a teenage boy was rescued from a stream by a group of villagers.

When the boy raised whereabouts of his father who went along to collect firewood from his land, the villagers continued to set out looking for the remaining Rohingya.

All of them were found dead with burn-injuries in the forest.

The victims are identified as Dholaya, 15, son of Noor Huson; Mahmet Kasim, 30, son of Nurul Haque; and Kurban Ali, 55, son of Mahmet Sultan.

Kurban Ali’s son Rafique, who survived, received severe injuries.

Although the villagers did not hear gunshots, they found severe burns on the victims’ bodies and destruction of the forest surrounding in an apparent incineration attempt when they were found at around 4:00 pm.

The funeral procession was stopped by the order of Hamlet Administrator pending further investigation. The administrator has taken photographs of the deceased, hours before issuing the order.

The killing of innocent villagers is the latest case where the remaining Rohingya civilians are being targeted, despite the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has issued orders to Myanmar to protect the vulnerable Rohingya community in Rakhine State.