By The Rohingya Post

On Thursday, three Rohingya refugee children were killed in a landslide in Thaingkali refugee camp, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

The children are identified as Rokiya Begum, 6 years old daughter of Mohammad Yunus and her 4-year-old brother Rohan, and Asma Begum, 5, daughter of Obaidullah. They were from Block 2 of Thaingkali Refugee Camp.

The landslide took place when the children were taking bath in Thaingkali River, which burried the three young refugees.

They were pronounced dead after more than 2 hours of resue mission.

Rohingya refugee camps are built on slopes with no concrete roots to hold of sheds. Soil erosion accompanied by heavy rain threatens hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugee children.