By Nur Sadek, The Rohingya Post

As we face one of the best threats to humanity, our hope and resilience come in play to fight against the threat.

Covid-19, the global pandemic, is threatening every fabric of the world.

As for over a million Rohingya refugees in various refugee camps in Bangladesh, it becomes another fight to fight after the genocide we have faced in our native country Myanmar.

I was born in Ngan Chaung Village, Northern Maungdaw, the Rakhine State of Myanmar in late 2017. My family of six had to flee into neighbouring Bangladesh to fight the fear and terror.

Now I am 18 and living in Musani Nayara Refugee Camp, Cox’s Bazar. I am stronger ever having faced and fight the man-made genocide in Myanmar.

Yet again, we fight an invisible enemy which doesn’t discriminate race, colour or faith.

Like fight the genocide, we can fight the Covid-19 together.

Here is a poem that I have written underneath one of the thousands of refugee shelters where Rohingya are in extreme fear, and yet resilient.

We can fight it together with common principles, values, strengths and hope.



Dear world and people it’s time to fight by staying inside and Covid-19 will definitely hide.
Let’s pray alone by waking at midnight.
We all are here to bright as like as sunlight.
Requesting you not to come outside.

Stay at home and save lives.
Our time will resume and strive.
There is nothing to worrisome because God is always with us.
Covid-19 is committing a big crime and Doctors are working hard to be on time.

Wash your hands with soap.
We will defend with trap.
But remember to fight with Covid 19 weapons should be soap, tissue, Mask and other hygiene things.

Kindly abide law of own government.
We can fight by staying at home.
Covid-19 will be powerless if we can stay inside home.

Save your life.
Save your family.
Save your community.
Save your country.

I request you to Save the world.
Thank you so much.