By The Rohingya Post

A massive fire outbreak in a Rohingya IDP (Internally Displaced Person) camp in Sittwe reportedly leaves at least two dead and destroys many shelters

In Ohn Taw Gyi (commonly known as Doskainna, Baariza Fara in Rohingya) IDP Camp located in Sittwe township, a fire broke out from one of the displaced Rohingya shelters at 6:13 PM local time on August 20.

The fire started from cooking which was assisted by a stored-gasoline canister in spreading to neighbouring shelters. The strong monsoon wind also helped in the spread of the fire.

According to Rohingya from the IDP camp, four sheds (each for eight families) were completely razed to the ground while there are also many sheds which are partially destroyed in the fire.

It is also reported that two Rohingya including a four-month-old infant was killed in the fire. Two more Rohingya sustained burn injuries.

Despite the firefighter was called, it arrived late to the scene when the fire was extinguished by the displaced Rohingya at around 7:30 PM.

Ohn Taw Gyi IDP camp is among the several camps where nearly 120,000 Rohingya are forced to take shelters since 2012 when the state-sanctioned violence against Rohingya removed the community from their original villages and towns.

The situations of Rohingya in IDP camps are dire from infrastructures that are susceptible to fire, storm and natural disasters and the displaced Rohingya are without access to healthcare, education, livelihood, freedom of movement and most importantly without the prospects of returning to their places of origin.