26th October 2020


We, undersigned activists, refer to our Zoom Conference conducted on 20 October 2020. Via the Zoom Conference, we clearly showed our united stands against all ongoing injustices, violence and inhumane crimes, started since 14th August 2020, against innocent Rohingya in Bangladesh refugee camps. According to the information we collected, innocent Rohingya including women, children, elderly and sick people were sandwiched and killed in the fights between certain groups involved in the illegal Yaba drugs business. Competing for absolute supremacy in the drug business was the cause of the fights between the groups, according to the evidence we collected. We have loudly and clearly spoken out against such criminal activities because they neither reflect our peace-loving culture; religion nor serve our ultimate interest of restoring our universal rights in our motherland.

We along with other activists around the world felt obliged to speak out against this handful of drug syndicates, terrorizing across the camps. Some of the activists in consultation with communities in the diaspora conducted the first zoom conference on 5 October 2020 where they have sincerely and earnestly requested every concerned party to stop the crimes and not to destroy the spirits of fight against genocidal forces (Burmese Military).

However, these syndicates who are partners of Burmese military in the drug business have not stopped but intensified their crimes. From 3 to 7 October, they inflicted unimaginable sufferings upon innocent people, which has resulted in loss of about 20 lives including some women and children. Their crimes included slaughters, killings in secret, killings in broad daylight, rapes, kidnappings, extortions, etc. We then came to know that they were in preparation to expand their killing spree to around two other camps. We were therefore forced to organize another zoom conference on 20 October to tell them that enough is enough. In that zoom conference we expressed our strong condemnation of every crime committed in all forms and manifestations by every quarter, and urged them to stop immediately. But their crimes to a lesser degree are still ongoing.

Activists in the diaspora at large and knowledgeable Rohingyas across the world are suspicious of invisible hand besides drugs interest is playing a greater role in aggravating the chaos in the refugee camps. The invisible hand, Burmese government, is using resources and certain drugs syndicates in order to achieve its heinous agendas such as to defame host country, to portray Rohingya as violent and ungrateful people and, most importantly, to weaken the case against it in the International Court of Justice because Gambia will soon be submitting supporting materials in the court.

Arakan State of Burma is known to the world as an open prison because it is closed for not only Rohingya but also international journalists or visitors. There are several instances of Rohingya refugees who sneaked into Arakan from the border and were killed. But their accomplices have been roaming not only with absolute freedom but also committing crimes against Rohingya, especially in the Mayu Frontier region, with total impunity. Burmese military is not taking any action against these criminals, but constantly killing innocent people from both communities of Rohingya and Rakhine.

The drugs syndicates and their accomplices, especially from Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, in the last few days have been spreading a lot of cybercrimes, sending death threats and abusive messages using various media platform. They have even forced elderly refugees, women and children to demonstrate against us. We have concrete information about the people who had to take part in demonstrations in order to save themselves from slaughter.

However, we reiterate that none of us are against anyone who has a real intention of liberating our people from the genocidal force (Burmese regime). In fact, it is our ultimate goal and we are always ready to support anyone and everyone struggling for this cause. But at the same time, we will not condone any crime against our people because it only serves the interest of our enemies.

We are absolutely sure that the vast majority of the crimes in the camps are committed by drug syndicates in collaboration with Burmese military. These criminals should face the justice along their master, Burmese military, and also face the barrage of revolt from our people in the camps. Their accomplices in other countries should have similar fate. We therefore, strongly urge each and every syndicate to come to their senses and back off immediately or leave the camps for good and leave our helpless people alone.

We request every Rohingya people of conscience to support the quarter that is struggling to deliver our universal rights to us, and to rise up against criminal drug syndicates who are willfully serving the interest of Burmese military.

We earnestly request the government of Bangladesh and Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed to rescue our unfortunate people once again from the hands of criminal drugs syndicates who are flooding Bangladesh with deadly drugs. We urge your government to please take this issue seriously before the surrounding local areas face unbearable spillover effects. We will forever remain grateful for your help to our people.


1. Dr. Ambia Parveen
2. Anwar Shah Arkani
3. Dr. Hla Kyaw
4. Mohammed Ibrahim
5. Mojib Ullah
6. Khairul Amin
7. Nay San Lwin
8. Tun Khin
9. Zaw Min Htut