Ukhiya, Bangladesh: The unregistered Rohingya refugee of Kutupalong makeshift camp are facing difficulties for firewood collection as local goons collect money from firewood collectors, Partez, a refugee from the makeshift camp said. Every firewood collector has to pay 30 to 40 Taka to the local goons- led by locals Forid and Shazan, he more added.

“We are not getting any support from any quarters for our survival, we need to work hard to serve our family. The easy way to get money is firewood collecting from nearby mountain and selling in the local market – Kutupalong,” said some refugees from the camp.

Mostly, widows have to go to mountain for firewood collecting for their survival when they manage 30 to 40 Taka to pay to the local goons every day. They are depending on firewood collection to support their families in the makeshift camp, the refugees further said.

On February 27, more than 20 refugees went to nearby mountain to collect firewood without taking permission from the local goons. However, on their return to camp at noon, they were halted by the local goons and severally beaten up, said another refugee on condition of anonymity.

But, at last, the local goons released them after taking Taka 500 to 1,000 per head at night, he more added.