Teknaf, Bangladesh: Burmese Rohingya refugees have been facing an acute water crisis in Nayapara official and unregistered Leda (Tal) camps recently, Jafor, a refugee from Nayapara camp said.

During the summer season, the water dam of Nayapara is almost dried up which was built by UNHCR and concerned authority, he more added.

According to refugees, “We are facing from water crisis in every summer season and also getting one pot or two-pots of water once from INGO supplied twice a day. But, it is not enough for us as we have over 5 to 6 family members.”

Besides, the unregistered Rohingya refugees from Leda camp (Tal) are also facing an acute water crisis because of scarcity of water.

There are over 15,000 unregistered Rohingya refugees are living in the Leda camp (Tal) without supporting by UNHCR and even from Bangladesh government, Nur Kobir said.

In the summer season, they are not able to cook food and to take baths, washing clothes and drinking water on time, but they have to carry unclean water from stream,” Kobir, more added.

Lalmoti, a mother of five children from the Leda camp said some children are facing various skin diseases because of the shortage of water and the overall unhygienic situation.

The refugee women are very afraid to go to stream and local areas to fetch water because some local goons disturb women. Earlier, some local goons rapped some women in local area and forest while fetching water, Latmoti further said.