“From hopeless to A NEW HOPE, from homeless to A NEW HOME, from voiceless to AN AMPLIFIED VOICE, from a generation at lost to AN EMPOWERED ONE, from limbo to CERTITUDE, from friendless to FRIENDSHIP, from exclusion to INCLUSION and from refugees to EQUAL CITIZENS – are the living evidence of how love, compassion and solidarity can bring to a persecuted community. The kindness over just a decade has opened up doors to a new universe of freedom, a path of progress and a home to nurture dreams for the resettled Rohingya community in Ireland.” – HAIKAL MANSOR

“On this day in 2009, the gesture of Irish people to resettle Rohingya from refugee camps in Bangladesh, has changed the destiny of the community from despair to hopefulness, empowerment, freedom and equality. The solidarity is felt by the community in Ireland in every second depite more than a million Rohingya refugees still live in limbo in Bangladesh refugee camps and are still confined in the genocidal state of Myanmar.” – MOHAMMED RAFIQUE

“The Rohingya have reached yet another milestone in Carlow, 10 years today. It has been a decade of hope, progress, possibilities, new friendships and relationships. Learning about and from each other continues to enrich our lives. As we mark the anniversary we must remember Rohingya family and friends who continue to face human rights abuses and lack of basic freedoms in their homeland of Burma.” – STEPHANIE MCDERMOTT