Don’t just watch us like this,
Come forward and help us.

Don’t frown at us,
Please don’t drown us.

Please don’t walk away,
Where to do we run away?
You’d lose nothing,
With us, please, share something.
We are forced to leave our homes,
But, to you we come with great hopes,
That you’d shelter us.

Please leave us not helpless,
We’ve come to know you cant be so ruthless.
Treat us kindly,
Believe in us, we are nothing but friendly.

Our situation is diring,
Please don’t leave us crying.

We are helplessly desperate,
Kindly co-operate.
Save us,
Protect us.

We are brothers and sisters like you,
The greatness we heard of you,
Please show us that it’s all true !!!!

Written by Dr. Yasmin Haroon
On detoriation Rohingya situation.