By Dr. Yasmin Haroon

Slowly the world watches our homes set ablaze,
This is hideously utter ongoing craze,
Why do you all put us into never-ceasing hostile maze?
Isn’t the world a home also to call our own place,
Please shout out loud the peace phrase,
You not only strip us of our innate rights,
You slaughter all of our own in our sight,
You indulge us in this seemingly endless fight,
You mercilessly butcher us when we ask why,
Our lives have become so dire,
How do you all watch us helplessly cry?
From our ancestors we have been pleading for our freedom,
You have no rational reason for it not to be given,
Different ethnicity is no reason for denial,
Let gratitude for this life so beautiful be a spark for revival,
Let no colour or race become a sole chance for survival.