By Zahedul Haque and edited by Haikal Mansor


Came the Burmese dictator, came the lives of Rohingya to a less,

In hardliners collaboration since 1962, found the situations of Rohingya a mess.

With the most controversial 1982 citizenship law, Rohingya become stateless,

Labelled as ‘illegal immigrants’ from neighbouring country, become nameless,

Despite living in Arakan for generations in full peacefulness.


Landless as transgressors trespass and confiscate in Rohingyas’ ancestral lands,

Powerless in positions as the government disbands,

Fameless ministers calling Rohingya ogres as disqualified for Burmese citizen,

Lifeless Rohingya suffer the lifetime imprisonment in Arakan, an Open Prison.


Homeless in the muddy camps while burning in the slow genocide,

Placeless to practice their religion and their cultural rights are forcefully set aside.

Jobless from economic suppression, in hunger, poverty and malnutrition Rohingya reside.

Penniless from daily arbitrary extortion, leave Rohingya starved

Valueless despite highly educated and professionally skilled Rohingya well-deserved.


Voiceless to stand up for the lost rights,

Lawless national constitutions make Rohingya in plights.

Worthless for races, and become a part of their daily hatred and laughter.

Restless Rohingya in persecution and their slavery not reduced in slighter.

Sleepless Rohingya in fears of arrest, torture and slaughter.


Helpless & Friendless at home and abroad.

Childless parents at home and Parentless children abroad.

Loveless government play ‘divide & rule’ policy left by the former colonizer from abroad.

Rohingya-less Arakan in progress

In hardliners of ‘Arakan Project Plan’ address,

As extermination, massacre, ethnic cleansing and slow burning genocide egress

Where are the rights to self-identify and self-determine as human beings?

For many Rohingya become nonbeings.

Rohingya remain peaceful despite labelled in contrary,

Harmless to the society and the people of the country.