The High school is controlling U Kyaw Zaw Htun, the headmaster and collecting 1000 kyat for extra tuition class fee and 1500 kyat for monthly examination fee which is very big amount for poor student, the elder said.

The poor students are not able to pay the collecting money from school where didn’t not take any extra tuition class within this academic year, said a student who is a son of rickshaw puller.

“We never give any money for extra class which the teachers take special classes and no collection for monthly examination.”

“The collections diverted students from their education as they are not able to pay the collections.”

“I hope, if the collections are going on, more students will go home for fees.”

Most of the students are going to tuition in the town as the school’s classes are not enough to sit their final examination and the outside tuitions are teaching the students how to sit the final examination in the future, said a teacher from Maungdaw high school.