By Dr. Hla Kyaw

Burning of your houses by Myanmar government is real.
Burning of your children alive by Myanmar government is real.
Raping of your sisters and mothers, sometimes in front of each other, is real.

Shooting of your brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers is real.
Arrest of hundreds of your brothers is real.
Destruction of your houses is real.
Destruction of your religious buildings is real.
Hundreds of Rohingya children dying out of diseases or out of hunger is real.
Hundreds of Rohingya suffering from intense cool in Bangladesh and
elsewhere is real.
Many Rohingya children being the victims of organ trafficking is real.
Many your sisters as young as 12 becoming sex slaves is real.
Many Rohingya drowned in the sea is real.
In short, destruction of your existence: the final stage of Genocide is real.

Lobby is illusion.
Wanting to be famous is illusion.
Wanting to be recognized is illusion.
Wanting to come on the TV screen is illusion.
Wanting to speak in a conference is illusion.
Hoping international community will solve your problem is illusion.
Wanting a position – president, chairman, director, etc. – in an organization
is illusion.
Wanting to be rich or to feed the family in the name of community
work (koumorhaam) is illusion.
Wanting to be invited for meeting or conference is illusion.
Hoping to solve Rohingya issue alone (individually or organizationally)
is illusion.
Illusion will never end your suffering.

Being not happy with your another brother’s good work is Fatal.
Spending the resources – money, time, intellect – to fight or criticize
your another Rohingya brother is Fatal.
The enemy is huge, spending all the resources – intelligence, money,
etc. – to destroy your existence.
Your ego is your enemy that plays as genocidaire’s role.
Time is running.

Directing and spending all of your resources to stop the enemy, the
genocidaire government of Myanmar, is Vital.
Educating and empowering of own self and your community from
bottom to top is Vital.
Taking your own cause in your hands is Vital.
Co-operation and co-ordination among each other (individually or
organizationally) is Vital.
Believing that you, the Rohingya with the help of non-Rohingya good
friend, only can end your suffering is Vital.
Only the Vitals can end your suffering.

Instead of spending time in negotiating or cross-talking or attacking
or criticizing of your another Rohingya brother, focus endless works
that lies in front of you.
There are endless work to be done:
Read research articles on Rohingya and spread it.
Read news Rohingya and spread it.
Refute propaganda news of Myanmar government and others.
Document the crimes being committed by Myanmar government
and the society.
Educate the Rohingya who know less and are less fortunate than you.
Educate Rohingya youths how do to citizen journalism and how
to report and express the atrocities committed by the army on
daily basis.
Involve in feeding the hungry Rohingya in Bangladesh camps and
Involve in getting the medical care for sick and injured Rohingya.
Educate your fellow Rohingya how to prevent disease, how to be
healthy, and how to care own self.
Involve in developing the lives of Rohingya in diaspora.
Pick one you are able to do, and you have passion for, and contribute
for your community (Koum).

No organization is your ultimate organization.
No position is your ultimate position.
Sincerity is the most difficult thing, and it is the most important.
After doing all the works humanly possible, turn your face to
All-mighty Allah, and get energy.