By The Rohingya Post

On Friday, September 23, at least four Rohingya have been injured in the clashes between Myanmar Military and Arakan Army (AA) in Thapet Daung (Harang Hali), Tha Peik Taung village tract, Buthidaung, Rakhine State.

Among the injured are two Rohingya women aged 27 and 57, who do not want to be named.

The village is currently being occupied by a 200-strong junta forces, leaving the Rohingya villagers trapped in the fight between the junta and AA.

While Rakhine villagers from around the clashes have been evacuated to safety in advance, Rohingya are either trapped or forced to flee their village without safety.

While fleeing, an eight-years old Rohingya boy was shot in her leg sustaining major injuries.


As clashes escalate in northern Rakhine State, Rohingya villages are used as battlegrounds causing terror, injuries, abuses and treats at the hands of both Myanmar Military and Arakan Army.

“The situations of Rohingya in Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships are extremely dire. We are used as the pawns by the military and AA. They bring their fight to Rohingya villages. Our villages are used as the battlegrounds for their fight. We have nowhere to go. We are not safe anywhere,” a Rohingya villager from Buthidaung told The Rohingya Post.