The Pain of Refugees

The life we spend now, it’s like a sample of Hell.
The hurt and pain are not only for refugees…
But now only Refugees face these two words
Today, this world is full of pain with critical challenges for refugees.

Refugees don’t sleep for long periods at night because refugees cry for long periods in their daily life.
Refugees have strong desires to find peace!
A major pain for refugees is staying without education.
Another major pain is begging from others.
In our lives, somebody forces us not to be anything and,
Hunger forces us to beg.

People select ripe plums and the world selects educated ones
But refugees should select street food
That’s refugee’s life, without safety for own lives.
Sometimes we feel that dying is better than living in this world…
But we keep hope, on you.

We are here with pain
And tears are falling down on the sand.
Kindly pick us from camp
And let us learn under the lamp.

Thank you very much

Nur Sadek is a Rohingya humanitarian worker and poet currently taking shelter in a Bangladesh refugee camp.